• Missy Calkins

3 Tips for Retirement Plan Advisors to Spice Up Your Marketing

Financial Services is a pretty vague term. It groups together everyone from insurance agents to wealth managers. Then there is the list of designations, certifications, and licenses that can add just about every letter to the end of your name. This may help to identify you as a professionally educated and trained advisor; however, they aren’t enough to make you stand out in a crowded room. So, it begs the questions:

  1. How do you promote yourself?

  2. How do you build trust?

  3. How do you differentiate as a retirement plan specialist?

Right now, 91% of retirement plans are serviced by a non-specialist.[1] Plan sponsors don’t understand the difference between “financial advisor” and “investment advisor.”[2] Therefore, only through consistent advertising, marketing, and educating plan sponsors, will companies learn the benefits of a retirement plan advisor. It may seem obvious and trivial, but marketing and advertising are two of the most important things you can do for your business.

Here are 3 ideas to implement today that will help you get the word out:

  • Get Social – Plan sponsors are looking for retirement experts. Nearly a quarter of plan sponsors are actively looking to change their advisor, and they seek one with more knowledge.[3] Daily social media posts could be your ticket to consistently engaging your plan sponsor clients, prospects, and centers of influence by providing helpful industry updates.

  • Write a Blog– In our highly-regulated industry, is maintaining a blog really worth it? The short answer is, YES! Actively contributing to your blog helps your name organically float to the top of Google search pages. Every blog you publish on your website counts as another page (a cleverly titled, key-word rich titled page, if you’re doing it right), and the more pages your site has, the more Google trusts it, which will be rewarded with a rise in your search engine optimization (SEO) (aka Google search ranking).

  • Put Your Company in their Hands – In 2017, do you know which underutilized marketing medium is making big waves? Direct mail. Yup, snail mail! Inboxes are full and mailboxes are empty, what an amazing opportunity to physically get into your prospects hands!


The 3 tips above are far from a fully comprehensive marketing strategy, but they are simple actions to take that will get you noticed. It’s important to note, that marketing is not a one and done process, it takes time and consistency. Once your clients and prospects become accustomed to these regular interactions, they begin to expect it. This is an awesome opportunity to really demonstrate your value, display your knowledge and commitment to the retirement space and stand out from your competitors.

By consistently delivering valuable and relevant content, you attract your target audience and create inbound leads: that means your phone rings, inbound email requests, and in-person appointments, so you can do what you do best, help plan sponsors prepare their employees for retirement.


At Retirement Plan Marketing, we have created an easy to follow consistent marketing program designed to get you noticed in your community and generate awareness. The dynamic content includes social media posts, presentations, newsletters, direct mailers, blog articles, and all 401(k) prospecting materials are compliance friendly. Our goal is to help advisors market to plan sponsors, so you can increase your retirement plan business! https://www.retirementplanmarketinginabox.com/

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