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Marketing Love's Mondays, 10/23

Hello and happy Monday! Below are five marketing industry trends and topics we believe will be useful to your week no matter where you are in your marketing journey.

1. Looking at your market and taking a targeted approach can help you identify their buying habits via InfusionSoft

"Pick your niche and get rich" has never been more true! Putting efforts into analyzing your target market will help you identify the buying components of the who, what, where, and why.

2. Check your spam folder recently? Us neither, and it's probably the same for your contacts and prospects via MailChimp

Do you have an email list? Let's make sure you aren't being marked as spammy; here are some tips and best practices from a leader in email marketing.

3. Company content and consistency go hand-in-hand, so how much do you need and how do you create great content? via HubSpot

Content has become one of the most vital parts of a company's marketing strategy, but is difficult to make priority because it requires consistency. So, how do you create a content marketing strategy without turning it into another full time job?

4. How to become searchable on the internet - "the keyword sweet spot". via HubSpot

Having a digital presence is one business priority, but having a better online presence than your competitor and being found is a different ball game. Here are some top keyword research tools to try to help improve your "searchability".

5. Effective and affordable lead generation? Sign us up! via Forbes

It's safe to say that growing your business is IMPOSSIBLE without lead flow; whether it's from paid advertising, referrals, or online content (our favorite)... you generate leads somehow someway to build your pipeline. But leads can be expensive, and quality leads are tougher to find. Here are 4 tips for effective and affordable lead generation (p.s. we aren't surprised at the first two)

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